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Extend Your Outdoor Season with Ziptrak®

Experience the ultimate outdoor comfort with Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds. As the season transitions and temperatures cool, our track-guided blinds ensure your outdoor spaces remain inviting, no matter the weather. Discover how both residential and commercial customers are using their Ziptrak® blinds to enhance their space.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day to the women of Ziptrak® and to the women in our global Ziptrak® Network.

In a field often seen as male-dominated, we’re fortunate to benefit from the remarkable expertise and dedication shown by our female colleagues throughout all aspects of Ziptrak®. We truly appreciate the invaluable contributions they bring to every area of our company.

Set the Pace, Lead the Race: A Recap of Ziptrak®’s Premier Sponsorship of Santos Tour Down Under 2024

We’re excited to share the success of Ziptrak®’s Premier sponsorship of the 2024 Santos Tour Down Under, held in Adelaide earlier this month. Beyond the thrilling world of competitive cycling, our sponsorship underscores our deep commitment to supporting our local community and engaging with a global audience.

7 reasons why Ziptrak® Clear PVC Blinds are a Cafe Owner's Secret Weapon

Outdoor Bliss Unleased: 7 Reasons why Ziptrak® Clear PVC Blinds are a Café Owner’s Secret Weapon

Hello, café owners! We’re excited to share seven invaluable insights with you about why Ziptrak® Clear PVC Blinds are the solution you’ve been seeking for your café or restaurant – the secret weapon that’s poised to revolutionise your café experience. As the original creators of track-guided blind solutions, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand […]

Ziptrak® Interior – Helping Conservation Efforts of Turtles and other Marine life.

The Great Barrier Reef Joint Field Management team specifically requested the installation of full block out blinds in their Marine Park Vessels. This request comes from their commitment to minimising the impact on marine life during research activities, as artificial lights have the potential to disorient marine species. In order to achieve this objective, the […]