Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Ziptrak® Bottom Bars are available?

What is the size of a Ziptrak® pelmet?

Can Ziptrak® be installed DIY?

What are outdoor track-guided blinds?

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® outdoor blinds?

What colours are available?

What is a pelmet? Do Ziptrak® outdoor blinds have a pelmet?

What type of surfaces can the blinds be mounted to?

Should I buy PVC or Sunscreen mesh blinds?

What should I expect regarding Sunscreen mesh and PVC appearance with Ziptrak®

What is the recommended thickness of clear and tinted PVC for Ziptrak® blinds?

Can I have motorised Ziptrak® blinds?

Can I motorise PVC blinds (Cafe blinds)?

Can Ziptrak® outdoor blinds be operated using a crank handle?

Is it possible to install Ziptrak® blinds if the opening is more than 6000mm?

Do I need council approval to install outdoor blinds?

Can I leave the blinds down on windy days?

How do I know I’m receiving a genuine Ziptrak® product?

What is the difference between Cafe Blinds and Shade Blinds?

What is the warranty of Ziptrak® blinds?

How are Ziptrak® blinds different to other brands?

How do I find a Ziptrak® retailer?

How can I take care of my blinds?

What is the price of Ziptrak® blinds?

Can Ziptrak® outdoor blinds be locked?

What are Ziptrak® Interior Blinds?

How is the Ziptrak® Interior blind operated?

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® Interior Blinds?

What blind materials are available for Ziptrak® Interior blinds?

What colour options are available for the pelmet and side tracks for Ziptrak® Interior?

What type of surfaces can Ziptrak® Interior blinds be mounted to?

What types of rooms do Ziptrak® Interior Blinds work in?

I have a large set of windows which are floor to ceiling, what options do I have with Ziptrak® Interior?

Why should I choose track guided interior blinds?

How can I buy Ziptrak® Interior Blinds?

How can I take care of my Ziptrak® Interior blinds?