No zips, cords, ropes or wires.

The Ziptrak® spring-balanced system makes zips, cords, ropes and wires totally redundant.
The unobtrusive design subtly integrates into your area and is easy to operate.

Leave at any height

Ziptrak® blinds can be left at any position along the track. Simply let the blind go, and it will stay at your desired height. Take control of your environment in seconds with simple and easy hand operation.

Lightweight, simple operation

Astonishingly, most of the weight of the blind material disappears due to our patented spring-balanced system. Other blind systems don’t include a spring system, leaving you with all the heavy lifting – pushing and pulling a cumbersome blind along a track that resists and feels rough.

Locks into place

Ziptrak® blinds have locking mechanisms which allows the blinds to be locked when fully down, providing a secure hold, even in windy conditions. With our unique Centre Lock Release you can unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the centre. Yet another remarkable and intuitive solution that makes outdoor entertaining a pleasure.

No Crank Required

Crank blinds are difficult and time-consuming to operate. You’ll have a crank stick cluttering your outdoor area and raising three blinds could take you 3 minutes of constant twisting. Ziptrak® blinds have rendered crank blinds a thing of the past!


Potential to reduce your energy bills

The external shading can block a significant amount of heat from entering the building; The Ziptrak® patented track-guided system creates a sealed barrier, so your entertainment area stays cool during summer and warmth during winter. Reduce the need for air-conditioning, lower your impact on the environment and save money.

No rattling in wind

Ziptrak® patented system grips tight to the vertical tracks for peace and quiet even in strong winds – NO rattling blinds!  Our unique spline design conceals the edges of the blind, keeping out dust, wind, rain and insects. The new small side spline also provides a smoother finish and superior skin appearance.

Architectural Integration

With prior planning, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds can be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor area. Talk with your architect or builder about recessing componentry into ceiling cavities and face-fixing to disguise the tracks . Whether you have a heritage listed building or ultra modern home, Ziptrak® is a discreet solution.

Up to 6 meters wide

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, and 3.5 meters tall. The system will automatically include larger, stronger and additional components that make a 6m wide blind as robust and easy to lift as a 3m wide blind. If you’re looking to cost effectively cover a large opening, Ziptrak® offers unbeatable quality and value.