Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we take immense pride in recognising and honouring the invaluable contributions of the women within Ziptrak®.

In a field often seen as male-dominated, we’re fortunate to benefit from the remarkable expertise and dedication shown by our female colleagues throughout all aspects of Ziptrak®. We truly appreciate the invaluable contributions they bring to every area of our company.

An inclusive workplace culture that embraces diversity and empowers individuals, regardless of gender, is a driving force at Ziptrak®. Our commitment to equality and opportunity remains unwavering, and we recognise that our collective success is enriched by the unique perspectives and talents of each team member.

Happy International Women’s Day to the women of Ziptrak® and to the women in our global Ziptrak® Network. Your contributions are instrumental in shaping success for us all and driving positive change.