Tips & Tricks – Interior Blinds

Ziptrak® Interior blinds are designed to operate simply and smoothly, gliding without resistance in the vertical tracks.


  • For hand operated manual Ziptrak® Interior blinds, always operate the blind from the centre. This will ensure the material rolls evenly onto the top tube.
  • Motorised Ziptrak® blinds should be supervised whilst in motion to ensure there are no obstructions
  • If you have a blind installed in front of a window opening, depending on the wind, size of opening and blind material, you should consider at what level to leave the blind. If you have block out material, it is not advised that you completely lower the blind over an open window during windy weather.
  • If you have a motorised blind, do not attempt to operate the blind with your hand
  • Do not roll up blinds when they are wet or have condensation on the surface
  • Ziptrak® Interior blinds should always be smooth and simple to operate. If the blind is difficult to operate for no obvious reason, please contact your installer




  • Keeping the blind material clean is an important part of maintenance
  • Cleaning method of the blind material will depending on the material selected
  • For cleaning of blind componentry (bottom rail, vertical tracks and pelmet) simply use a household cleaning cloth to wipe the surface
  • Never apply full strength detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps, or window cleaning sprays to the blind material
  • Never allow petrochemicals or solvents to touch the blind surface
  • It is not advised to vacuum the blind surface. Use extreme care if choosing to vacuum the surface of the blind. Use a brush head and do not apply any pressure. A vacuum suction could cause permanent creases to the blind material
  • Do not allow stains to remain on the material


Spare Parts
  • Ziptrak® Interior blinds should last for many years without issue or replacement of parts. If a part of your blind breaks, please contact the retailer you purchased from. Alternatively, please contact us.


Level the Bottom Bar
  • Ziptrak® Interior blinds should always be operated from the centre. If you operate from one side, over time the blind may start to retract onto the top tube unevenly. This will cause the bottom bar to not be level. You will notice that the bottom bar is not level when the blind is fully retracted and the bottom bar does not look level when just below the pelmet.
  • The issue is not a product malfunction or issue with installation. It occurs only due to improper operation. Please contact your installer for assistance in rectifying the issue.