About Us

– Tony de Maaijer, Ziptrak® Founder (left) and Inventor and Marc de Maaijer, Ziptrak® Managing Director (right)


Our passion lies in developing products that empower people to invest in their indoors/outdoors lifestyle, encouraging more time spent with family and friends. We’re dedicated to delivering inventive solutions that elevate living environments for all.

Inspired by the quintessential Aussie backyard, Ziptrak® has been creating and developing innovative products, transforming hundreds of thousands of Australian homes.

In the last 24+ years, Ziptrak Pty Ltd has experienced continual growth, establishing a vast network with hundreds of fabricators and retailers, creating opportunities for small and large businesses alike.

Ziptrak® products have garnered global recognition, reaching 17 countries through exports. We take
immense pride in sharing the benefits of our innovative solutions with a worldwide audience.

Ziptrak® continues to push boundaries and explore new markets, propelling the business to unprecedented heights.

24+ Years of Innovation

We started from humble beginnings in a single shop in South Australia and have since become one of the largest blind manufacturers in the country, with over 700 retailers and exporting to 17 countries and counting.

Over One Million Installations!

With over one million Ziptrak® installations in Australia and thousands more globally, you can trust you’re using a premium, durable product proven to last in challenging real-world environments.

Range of Blinds

Our product range features custom-made outdoor and interior blinds, designed with various features to suit diverse furnishing projects. Each product is engineered and manufactured to withstand the toughest Australian conditions.

Innovations From Ziptrak®

At Ziptrak®, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our innovations include the patented
spring-balanced system, the track-guided system, unique locking mechanisms, and other
exclusive blind components and accessories.

BMAA Member

We are a proud member of the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia.

Using a BMAA member for your window furnishing needs offers numerous benefits, with the most valuable being peace of mind. You can trust that the company adheres to a Code of Ethics focused on quality, workmanship, and customer service. When making a significant investment in your home, rely on your BMAA member.

BMAA member companies range from small family businesses to large national organisations. Our industry involves manufacturers, fabric suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, sales representatives, home service consultants and installers.

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