No cords or chains.

Adjust the blind with one touch; no more chains or cords to get tangled.
Finally, a discreet blind with superior insulation, leading child safety and finger-touch operation.

Track guided

The fabric edge is locked into small side tracks to ensure there is no gap which allows wind, light or insects to enter the space. By creating a sealed surface between a window and the blind, your area will stay the temperature you want it.

Stop at any height

The blind is easy to operate; a light downwards push of the blinds bottom bar will lower the blind. Release your grip and the blind will stop at any desired height, due to the spring-balanced system. Spring-loaded blinds can be startling and troublesome with automatic retraction.

Open or close within seconds

Avoid frustration and stop wasting time with chains and cords. Ziptrak® blinds allow you to easily lower or raise the entire blind in seconds at the touch of a finger. Our spring-balanced system is a revolutionary advance for interior blinds.

Advanced Light Control

If you’re seeking light blocking for a home cinema room, bedroom or conference facility, the Ziptrak® Interior system is the perfect choice. Since the fabrics sits within a side track, there are no light gaps present at either side or the bottom of the blind, unlike most types of blinds. Light and translucent or heavy and light blocking – the choice is yours.


  • Retracts at your speed
  • Robust design and materials
  • Australian Owned and Invented
  • Versatile installation options

Remarkable Insulation

Up to 40% of a rooms heating energy can be lost through windows in winter. Even more frightening is that in summer, up to 87% of its heat gained through windows. Ziptrak® Interior blinds are uniquely qualified to dramatically reduce these figures with the track guided system^. Spend less money heating and cooling your space and enjoy a more comfortable life indoors. Learn more.

Sealed Solution

Ziptrak® Interior blinds operate within tracks that are installed into both sides of your window frame. As a result, there is no gap to the left and right of the blind. The result is best-in-class insulation^ as air is not allowed to freely flow around the sides of the blind. Unlike other blinds, Ziptrak® Interior creates an air pocket effectively reducing your energy bills^.

^Each Interior Ziptrak® blind configuration has a variety of factors that influence the light, heat protection and insulation properties of the blind system. These include but are not limited to, the size of the opening, fabric selection, window placement and orientation, installation, and user operation method. The fabric utilised for an Interior blind ‘skin’ is not a product of Ziptrak Pty Ltd. For more information about specific properties and features of an Interior blind fabric, please speak with the fabric’s manufacturer.