Introducing Ziptrak® Interior.
A revolutionary advance for interior blinds.

Following years of research, Ziptrak®  is pleased to present a fresh approach to window furnishings.
When we began developing the new interior blind system, we considered every limitation of what is currently available.
The result is something entirely different; a track guided system that is incredibly simple to use.


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Setting a new standard

Ziptrak® Interior will change what you expect from a blind.

With one effortless glide, you can control light, airflow and insects. No more heavy blinds and curtains, covered in dust, with flimsy cords to pull.

Perfect for bedrooms

No other blind blocks out light better than Ziptrak® Interior. The track guided system secures the blind material within vertical tracks, preventing light from entering through gaps.

The slim and discreet system with exceptional finishes is worthy of its presence within your home.

Family Friendly

Our patented spring-balanced system allows you to leave the blind at any height, without the need for cords or chains. For peace of mind and to safeguard against potential hazards, Ziptrak® Interior is the clear choice.


Ziptrak® Interior offers best-in-class insulation^ for large windows. The track-guided system provides an air pocket between the glass and blind which significantly enhances insulation performance^. Some materials also include a reflective backing in order to bounce direct sunlight back outside.

Home cinema

Quickly transform your home cinema, living or media room into a light proof space, ready for a spontaneous movie afternoon! Ziptrak® Interior blinds block out light like no other blind, due to the track-guided design that does not allow light to seep through the gaps that other blinds have on each side.

^Each Interior Ziptrak® blind configuration has a variety of factors that influence the light, heat protection and insulation properties of the blind system. These include but are not limited to, the size of the opening, fabric selection, window placement and orientation, installation, and user operation method. The fabric utilised for an Interior blind ‘skin’ is not a product of Ziptrak Pty Ltd. For more information about specific properties and features of an Interior blind fabric, please speak with the fabric’s manufacturer.