A successful exhibition at R + T Stuttgart 2018

The team from Ziptrak® traveled to Stuttgart, Germany to present Ziptrak® products to an international audience at the world’s largest trade fair for blinds and awnings. Over 1,000 exhibitions presented to an audience of 65,000 people from 140 countries.

After 15 years on the market, Ziptrak® is internationally recognised as a leader in outdoor vertical track-guided blind systems. Ziptrak® is sold through a network of hundreds of retailers and Authorised Fabricators, and is currently exported from Australia into 12 countries.

Watch a video of the Ziptrak® stand:


Ziptrak® exhibited both our outdoor and interior track-guided blind systems. Our unique and patented spline for the outdoor system was a key point of difference amongst a market of zip-based systems. Ziptrak’s® spline is purpose-made for the application and uniquely qualified to provide a strong and robust outdoor track-guided blind system, ready to withstand strong wind, and the high expectations of consumers. The Ziptrak® system is also perfectly designed for Clear PVC blinds which are a sought-after solution for commercial restaurant and café applications around the world.

The Ziptrak® Interior system was an exciting addition to our new 2018 display. The track-guided system allows a customer to easily control light, airflow and insects. The spring-balanced design allows it to be left at any height without the need for cords or chains. Ziptrak® Interior is popular in situations requiring total light block-out, such as bedrooms, home cinemas, hotel rooms or conference facilities. The product is also popular in kindergartens, schools or children’s bedrooms since it does not require any cords or chains, therefore providing increased safety for young people.

With a recognised brand, innovative products and convenient marketing support, Ziptrak® is proud to bring our internationally competitive offering to new global markets.

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