What colours are available?

A: In terms of the blind material, there are two categories; shade or PVC. Your local retailer will be able to offer you a range of blind material options, in different colours and degrees of visibility, to compliment your structure, décor and outdoor furniture. Ziptrak® does not manufacture or sell the mesh or Clear PVC […]

What is a pelmet? Do Ziptrak® outdoor blinds have a pelmet?

A pelmet is a framework mounted over the top tube of the blind to conceal and protect the blind material and internal components. Ziptrak® offers a fully enclosed extruded aluminium pelmet, designed to protect the blind for longevity and provide seamless visual integration with your decor. The pelmet, vertical tracks and bottom bar are available […]

Can I leave the blinds down on windy days?

A: Ziptrak® blinds are trusted by thousands of Australian homes and businesses to provide an enjoyable outdoor living space. The strong and robust system is commonly installed throughout coastal regions and locations prone to high winds. If you are considering the wind speed, or wind rating for Ziptrak®, please take note of the following information: […]

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® outdoor blinds?

A: The recommended maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® blinds are 6000mm wide by 3500mm high when using Sunscreen Mesh, or 5500mm wide by 3500mm high when using Clear PVC. Ziptrak® components including the top tube, spring and bottom bar are upgraded in size, and therefore strength, as the blind becomes larger. This allows the Ziptrak® system […]

Should I buy PVC or Sunscreen mesh blinds?

A: This depends on the type of protection you are looking for. If you want to block wind and maintain the temperature in your outdoor living space, whilst ensuring a clear view outside, PVC blinds are the best option. If you prefer to have some airflow, but primarily block sun and glare, then shade materials […]

How are Ziptrak® blinds different to other brands?

A: Ziptrak® is a brand of outdoor track guided blinds, protected under patent and invented in Australia. Customers should check whether they are purchasing a genuine Ziptrak® system. Ziptrak® is the leading brand of outdoor blinds, with a range of differences to competitor products, which combined, make a considerable difference in the operation and longevity […]

Can Ziptrak® outdoor blinds be operated using a crank handle?

Ziptrak® blinds were invented and designed to avoid the time, hassle and energy required to operate a blind with a crank handle. Ziptrak® blinds are spring balanced which means a user can lower or raise the blind by simply moving it with their hand, leaving it securely in any position. Whilst a crank handle can […]

Can Ziptrak® outdoor blinds be locked?

A: The bottom bar locks into position with two locks at the bottom left and bottom right in order to keep the blind fully down and secured in high winds. If you are outside of the outdoor area and you would like to be able to unlock the blind, ask your retailer for a “reverse […]

Can I motorise PVC blinds (Cafe blinds)?

Unfortunately not. PVC can become stiff in cold weather, which can prevent the PVC from sliding down the Ziptrak® vertical tracks. The PVC stiffness is not a problem with a manually operated Ziptrak® blinds, but in a motorised Ziptrak® application, the weighted bottom rail cannot always overcome the PVC’s stiffness.